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After dropping out of school for impregnating her she says the baby is not his – Boy heart-broken by a Nana Ama (VIDEO)

Another guy has been broken-hearted by a Nana Ama after the incident that happened on the campus of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

According to the video which has since gone viral, the young man whose name is not given is seen weeping whiles he keeps mentioning Nana Ama’s name.

He is heard saying that the lady had told him that their child for whom he had to drop out of school is not his son.

The boy who looked very worried could not fathom why the lady will make his life a misery because had it not been for her, he would have been schooling and would have had a future which is brighter.

“Nana Ama, Nana Ama why should you do this to me. You told my parents that this baby is mine. My parents said they cannot take care of me and a baby so I should drop out of the school so that the money is used to cater for you and the baby. After me dropping out of school, you come today to tell me the baby is not mine. Eish Nana Ama what have you done to me?”


The young man is seen been consoled by his friends who gave him assurances that life will be ok and that there is the need to forget the past and forge forward.


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