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Adansihene Is A Galamsey ‘GURU’ – Adansiman Progressive Association Drops Wild Evidence (WATCH)

Adansiman progressive association APA, a group which is aimed bringing back development in Adansi is worried over the current state of water bodies in Adansi.

After conducting an investigation together with the police , Adansiman Progressive Association has Come out with a shocking revelation which indicates that, the president of the Adansi traditional council, Opegya Kotwere Bonsrah Afriyie, is involved in illegal mining in Adansi and as a result has cause a massive damage of water bodies within the Adansi enclave.

On the 4 of may 2021, the group met the press in Obuasi to discuss with them how to join hands together to stop the menace.

In an engagement by media general with the president of Adansiman Progressive Association  ,James Addai saids when the act started they went to the minerals commission to find out who has been giving a permission to mine within the Adansi but only two individuals names were mentioned to them.

Adansiman Progressive Association

He saids they picked an intelligence which lead them to an illegal mining site at Hwremoase on march 22 ,2021 and arrested a chinese and ghanaian nationals who were both illegal miners, one of the accused who is a Ghanaian told the police that, one Lawyer Mary Nsiah Asare, is the site owner.

Adansiman Progressive Association made a follow up by meeting the said lawyer but surprisingly she told the Obuasi divisional police command together with Adansiman Progressive Association, the site belongs to the president of the Adansi traditional council Opegya Kotwere Bonsrah Afriyie.(Adansi hene)

The group is therefore calling on the government and the overlord of the Ashanti kingdom Otumfour Osei Tutu 11, to step in the issue and stop the Adanhene from his illegal mining activities within the Adansi.

Adansiman Progressive Association
SOT 1 James Addai president Adansiman Progressive Association (APA.)

The Obuasi divisional police commander, sup Joseph Nyaaba, in an engagement with media general confirmed that, an arrest was made on the 22 nd march 2021 but the district chief executive for the Adansi Asokwa district, Hon Andrew Adu Boahen called him to release the arrested person’s because the site is a community mining site which is genuinely licence site which is owned by Lawyer Mary Nsiah Asare so they abide by what the DCE said.

DOT 2 divisional police commander sup Joseph Nyaaba.

In an exclusive interview with Nuamah Bernard a university graduate who involved himself in farming due to lack of job, who’s alleged farm was destroyed by illegal mining by adansihene confirmed to media general that ,the president of the Adanse traditional council Opegya Kotwere Bonsrah Afiyie is involved in illegal mining, he stressed that, if adansihene is not involved in illegal mining he wouldn’t have sent his delegation lead by the Twafo Hene Nana Okyere Boahantan to compensate him Nuamah ,after his oil palm farm was destroyed.

Adansiman Progressive Association

SOT 3 Nuamah Bernard victim.

Finally the assembly member for the Hweremoase electoral area hon. Thomas Amoako confirmed to media general that per his investigation, pictures and the personalities involved tells it all that Opegya Kotwere Bonsrah Afiyie ,the president of the Adanse traditional council is involved in illegal mining popularly known as Galamsey.

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The victim, the assembly member, Adansiman Progressive Association, together with some residents are appealing to the overlord of the ashanti kindom to intervene before something terrible happens.

SOT 4 Assemblyman Thomas Amoako.

Adansiman Progressive Association

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