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Accra: Nima Presbyterian Church supports Muslims with water, fruits for Ramadan fasting

The Presbyterian Church, Nima Hope Congregation Presidential City has supported Muslims in the Accra Nima community with bags of water and assorted fruits to help break their Muslim counterparts break their fast in the Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan, has confirmed. 

The Church made donations of several tens to hundreds of bags of sachet of water and uncountable assorted fruits mainly watermelons to the Bello Mosque in Nima in commemoration of the Muslim Holy month.

Churches in Nima who find themselves in a Muslim-dominated community have been praised for their show of mutual tolerance and peaceful co-existence with their Muslim neighbours who have in turn never respected the Churches’ right to worship. For several year, another prominent Church in Nima has been offering its compound to the Muslim community for Friday Jumma prayers, a gesture that went viral and earned online praise.

In the present case, a social media user, one Reader Maazi Okoro shared the goog gesture of the Presbyterian Church which has confirmed.

He wrote:

The Nima Presbyterian Church brought sachets of water and plenty watermelons to the Bello Mosque in Nima to aid in our fasting. They said we are a community  and  we must live harmoniously regardless of  our differences.

The post has garnered several reactions and positive feedback praising the church and urging all religions to emulate the peaceful, mutual tolerance and respect exhibited by the Church.




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