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‘Abusive’ Rasheeda called workers ‘hey Stupid’ instead of their real names – Lady who worked with ex wife of Ras Mubarak says

A lady who used to work with the ex wife of Ras Mubarak, ‘Portia’ Rasheeda Adams has revealed the former MP’s wife is a rude bully who abused people she worked with hence the recent revelations by her husband was not surprising to those who know the ex wife well.

In a screenshot conversation from Facebook, the former co-worker revealed that Rasheeda was so rude and arrogant that she used to call her staff “Hey Stupid” instead of calling them  by their real names.

Naa Oboney Quarshie said Rasheeda feeds everyone lies about her supposed abuse in marriage in order to earn sympathy but after experiencing Rasheeda closely, she formed the conclusion that all her stories were pure lies.

The latest revelations about Rasheeda is actually came to pass after her ex husband broke his silence after years of Rasheeda’s allegations.

Mr Mubarak who had remained quiet in the face of an avalanche of criticism from Ms Rasheeda Adams said he has had to react following Ms Rasheeda Adams’s comments on the assault on Mrs Lillian Dedjoe which eventually led to her death.

In her comments on the matter, Ms Adams recounted how she was continuously battered by Mr Mubarak when they were married. She claimed she was “breaking her back” to pay school fees while her husband has been irresponsible. She emphasized that she had to leave eventually to save her life, enjoining spouses to leave when they partners physically abuse them.

But Mr Mubarak has hit back, saying he never abused Ms Adams wondering why she abandoned her court case if she really had evidence of assault on her. He revealed he has been paying everything about his kids welfare and only requested to share the cost with her when he lost.

Following his “counter attack”, more information has been coming in about who Rasheeda actually is and it is not pleasant.

Another person in a suspected reference to Rasheeda has alleged that “some people go about claiming they were abused in their marriages but are now sleeping with other people’s husbands”.


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