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ABA Fuseini gifts NDC ‘strategic’ proverb for 2024 victory

Using a proverb bordering on unity, Member of Parliament for Sagnarigu A.B.A Fuseini has asked members of the National Democratic Congress to forgive each other and forge together towards the political party’s victory in 2024.

The proverb he used is that if two brothers fight, a stranger will inherit their heritage hence the NDC must unite to win 2024.

According to him, what the NDC needs currently is a joint force to wrestle power from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) which is currently struggling to find its feet.

“I’m begging everyone here, if you have any grudge with your brother or sister in the NDC and if you don’t even believe in Allah, for the sake of the NDC forgive them. Because when two brothers fight a stranger will reap their harvest and if they continue their fight, a stranger will take over their heritage.”

He admonished members of the NDC to understand that every human being is infallible has a potential to make an error so in the cause of their endeavors some genuine mistakes will be made but people should not look at the mistakes of their colleagues.

ABA Fuseini indicated that the victory of the NDC is in sight because the current NPP government is committing several errors and therefore if the NDC joins hands in togetherness, the party will be back to power after the next election.

The Sanarigu Member of Parliament indicated that unlike others who address the NDC’s performance in the 2020 election with contempt, he believes the election produced better results as compared to when the party was in power in 2016 and therefore, a little push will help make things better.

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