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A-Plus Drops Old PHOTOS of President Akufo Addo Linked To Expensive Rented Jet.

It is a popular opinion that when politicians want power, they appear to live a modest life and portray themselves as down-to-earth.

In Ghana, it is not uncommon to see presidential candidates and aspiring members of Parliament mingling, playing games or dinning with the people they want to lead during electioneering campaigns.

However, once the power is grabbed, most of them begin to live a life which is far different from how they lived prior to the elections.

A typical example is the controversial luxurious travel by President Akufo-Addo. President Akufo-Addo prior to the 2016 election promised to protect the public purse.

Invariably, protecting the public purse should mean judicious use of the limited resources of the State by avoiding unnecessary wastage.

It is obvious many Ghanaians are outraged with the so called luxurious travel by the president as a result of his promise to protect the public purse. In particular, his opponents argue this is particularly unacceptable in the face of the growing economic hardship the country is faced with.

As the presidential jet saga continue to linger, one of the most ardent critics of the the president, Kwame A Plus, went into his archives and dig out old pictures of the president, publishing them on his Facebook page with the caption “Now he want a plan with a swimming pool”.

See his post below.



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