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A Holy Quran was burned in Jerusalem and the fire stoped at verse 211 see what was written there

Facebook users were taken aback when a pic of a sacred Quran being destroyed in Jerusalem was uploaded by a user. At the pictures he gave, the Quran was on fire, but the flames were extinguished in a section where something meaningful was written, according to him.

As a result of this incidence, many Muslims witnessed something they had never witnessed before. Upon reaching verse 211 of Surat Al-Baqarah, the flames came to an abrupt halt.

Take a look at what it says in this particular verse:

Various people have differing perspectives on this since they believe that something like this would be extremely unlikely to occur. The Muslims were paralyzed by fear of Allah’s vengeance.

Take a look at the Facebook post embedded below.

This Hass provoked a wide spectrum of feelings on social media; some of the replies are listed here.

Some Muslims hypothesized that it could be an Allah’s warning message, which they believed to be correct. As a result, Muslims were exhorted to conduct themselves in an upright manner.


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