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90-year-old lady survives coronavirus

A 90- year-old woman, Geneva wood  has reportedly recovered fully  from the deadly coronavirus after she tested positive.

People who survived the coronavirus have explained the symptoms they experienced that made them get tested for the condition.

Most people who have the virus will experience symptoms similar to flu, but some people develop can become critical and sadly die.

While suffering with coronavirus, one man said that his sinuses were in “agony”, a resident of the Chinese city of Wuhan, is believed to be one of the first Brits to have caught coronavirus.

Connor, who is originally from North Wales, contracted the virus in November 2019 – a whole month before Chinese authorities officially announced the outbreak.

After 24 days of feeling ill, recording his day-to-day life in his diary, Connor was treated at a hospital that diagnosed him as being one of the first people to get the new strain of coronavirus, 


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