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4 Steps To Make Your Woman Scream Non-Stop In Bed

A lot of men do wonder what they have to do to make their women love them the most, especially when it comes to the bedroom.


This is because sex can sometimes be boring to your partner when doing it in an improper way. Movement and funny loud can express the type of sex you are having.

Check out these four (4) steps to exercise to make your woman scream non-stop in bed:

  • Pay attention to her sensitive part: Most Men pay little attention to women’s hot spot. Women loves when she have enough of your time teasing her erogenous part.

Spots like the breast and clitoris are the women weakest point that can give her pleasure if you concentrate on it. Her vagina is also the major sensitive part that can stimulate her feeling and drive her crazy.

  • Tease her until she begs for it: It’s always good to do ground work before you begin sex. This will glow her directly into the feeling of intercourse. Use your tongue to tease her practically until she begs for it.

Tease her sensitive parts like her ears, neck, and her clitoris. Do it until she pleads more and gives her gratification. Be sure that she will enjoy it about a hundred times more.

  • Pay more attention to her after sex: Most of men turn back to their women and twinkle after sex. They feel tired and assume that she is tired too. After sex, it’s always your high time to bond your sexual relationship with her.

Women are not like men, they don’t come down quickly from sexual pleasure. Face her, look directly into her eyes and talk to her. Many women reveal their naked truthiness about herself after sex

  • Lasting longer in bed: Women hate it most when her man shot off early before she reaches orgasm. As, a man take your time concentrating on her whenever you’re in bed together.

Always use your fingers correctly and in the right way when in foreplay. This can make her reach orgasm even if you didn’t last longer bed.


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