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$4.5M Bribery scandal: There’s mountain of evidence to arrest bribe takers – Kwaku Azar

Renowned Professor and Lawyer Stephen Kwaku Asare, known popularly as Kwaku Azar, has asserted that even though the Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC) of the United States of America has given enough clues to Ghana’s law enforcement agencies to formally charge some people of receiving bribes in the AKSA energy deal, these law enforcement   agencies seem uninterested in the matter.

“The US SEC has provided a mountain of clues for law enforcement to quickly indict several highly placed people for receiving bribes in the AKSA energy deal…Not surprisingly this matter seems to be of no interest to law enforcement, parliament or even the media,” he wrote on social media sighted by

The US SEC revealed in a civil suit that the former Managing Director of the Tema Oil Refinery allegedly facilitated the payment of bribes to high ranking government officials and other persons of influence to enable AKSA Energy secure a lucrative power purchase agreement with the Government of Ghana (GoG).

For Kwaku Azar, beyond the indictment of the persons allegedly involved, a tax waiver of $27 million granted AKSA Energy in 2018 and its registration documents could likely be revoked.

“Further, the clues should be enough to not only cancel the $27 million tax waiver recently granted to AKSA but to revoke its registration documents,” he noted.

The reasons for the seeming lack of interest by, according to him, maybe the lack of incentive by the US SEC for the pursuit of such cases by government or that the pursuit of the case has not got enough political capital.

“Maybe the US SEC does not provide enough chobo or soli for this matter to be pursued. Or maybe there is not enough political capital to be gained from pursuing it,” he concluded.

Some persons have also bemoaned the seeming lack of interest in the matter, deducing that it may be because the case involves both National Democratic Congress (NDC) and New Patriotic Party (NPP) actors.


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