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113 health workers contract COVID-19 in Nigeria

About one hundred and thirteen (113) frontline health workers have contracted the novel Coronavirus in Nigeria.

This was announced by the country’s Health Minister, Dr. Osagie Ehanire while updating Nigerians on the government’s fight against the virus.

He dismissed reports that suggest 300 doctors have been infected with the disease, urging people to disregard it as fake news.

According to him, majority of the infected doctors and nurses are working in private hospitals with no Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) and no accreditation to treat Coronavirus patients.

“As for 300 doctors testing positive, that is feeble; there are not so many people in the health sector who are infected. The latest figure we have is that they are about 113 actually and this 113 are not all public health workers; a good number are from private hospitals,” he said.

Nigeria’s Health Minister advised that as part of measures to fight the virus, only health workers who are trained in treating infectious diseases should take care of patients.

According to him, the private clinics that without necessary training to treat coronavirus patients in their hospitals risk infecting themselves and become a source of spreading the virus to their families.

“And you could hear us speaking here frequently against people treating coronavirus in private clinics; we are actually referring to people who do so without the necessary precautions, without the necessary training. Because they infect themselves and then go home and give these infections to their family and is not the right thing.

“So the healthcare workers who have no training have no business actually handling coronavirus patients. As for those who do not have the equipment, we have said that we have provided PPE for all the people out there. But let me remind you again that there is a global shortage of PPEs; every country is struggling for masks, PPEs,” he said.

As of April 30, Nigeria’s COVID-19 cases stand at 1,728 with 307 recoveries and 51 deaths.


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